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WTF: Judge Says FAA Lacks Clear Authority on Commercial Drones


  • XC Triker

    Who Owns The Air?

    83 feet


    It's a question that goes back to the middle ages, to a Latin phrase that translates to "he owns the soil owns up to the heavens." In England, this phrase was the law of the land for centuries, and it worked well when disputes involved simple things like overhanging tree branches and lopsided buildings.

    But once hot air balloons and airplanes came into the picture, things got a lot more complicated.  In 1926, Congress created what we now call the FAA, and declared that the air above 500 feet is the public domain.  But what about the air below that?

    Thomas Causby was a chicken farmer in North Carolina who lived near a tiny airport.  During World War II, the army took over the airport, and suddenly big military planes were flying over Causby's chicken coops all the time.  The planes scared Causby's chickens.  They flew into the walls of the coop and they died.

    Causby sued the government, and the case went all the way to the Supreme Court.  In the end, the Court sided with Causby, ruling that landowners own the sky above their homes up to at least 83 feet.

    But the decision still left a gap.  If the air above 500 feet is public property, and the air below 83 feet is private property, what about the space in between?

    This is the territory that entrepreneurs dreaming of drones have their eyes on.


    Oz Report

    Volume 18, Number 105
    Monday, Jun 2 2014

    83 feet ownership also applies to this, I'd think:

    Tresspassing by Air. Rats with Wings. Community Relations

  • cburg

    Press Release – FAA to Consider Exemptions for Commercial UAS Movie and TV Production


  • XC Triker

    FAA says no UAV rules for commercial ops before 2020 
    Jim Williams of the Federal Aviation Administration recently told attendees at the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition in San Francisco that there likely wouldn't be rules for commercial UAV operations until at least 2020. In the meantime, UAV use will be considered on a case-by-case basis.